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Our Range Of Services

Tyre Fitting

When having replacement tyres fitted our trained fitters will ensure that the tyres fitted to your vehicle are of the correct size, load index and speed symbol as recommended by your vehicles manufacturer. Where tyres are not fitted in complete sets of four, we will aim to fit a replacement tyre that matches your remaining tyres and aim to ensure that they are not mixed across an axle. This will help to produce a smoother ride along with prolonged tyre life. Visit either of our depots or call us to obtain a quote for your next tyre replacement.

Puncture Repair

Should you be unfortunate enough to develop a flat tyre from a puncture caused by a nail or similar sharp object, in many cases the tyre can be repaired. Our trained staff will assess your tyre and only offer a repair if they feel the tyre safety would not be compromised. Punctures to the flat road contacting surface of the tyre are more likely to be repairable than punctures in other areas. However being an NTDA Approved Repairer we are able to repair tyres where other dealers will say "it can't be done". Speak to our staff for further information.

Tyre Fitting (Part Worns)

Fitting your vehicle with part worn tyres will inevitably require more frequent refits but can considerably reduce the cost of ensuring your vehicle remains safe and road legal. All our part worn tyres are tested on rims, fully inflated, prior to offering them for sale to our customers. The minimum legal tread depth for any tyre fitted is 2mm. However all our part worn tyres will be fitted with a minimum of 4mm tread but can often exceed 6mm providing an excellent value for money option. Please contact us for further information and a quote.

Specialised Tyre Fitting

We ensure that we use the right tool for the job. As a result we have invested in a "Sice S300" tyre fitting machine. Run flats, oversized alloys, and extra load tyres, this machine does them all up to an impressive 32 inch rim. For that specialist job that needs nothing other than the best, look no further than Dalcross Tyres. Call us now for a quote.

Wheel Balancing

Properly balanced tyres are important for driving comfort and long tyre life. Unbalanced tyres can cause vibration, resulting in driver fatigue, premature tyre wear and unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension. Tyres should be balanced when they are mounted on wheels for the first time or when they are remounted after repair. Tyres should be rebalanced at the first sign of vibration or "shimmy." Vibration may also be due to misalignment or mechanical problems. Speak to any of our trained professionals about tyre balancing and we will be happy to assist as required.